a magical night


July 29, 2012

Somes Sound

Mount Desert Island, Maine

[photo by: Elizabeth Flock]

It’s no small thing, having a book come out into the world.
After three long years of plotting, outlining, writing, re-writing, and editing, my new novel will be published on August 7th. A few nights ago, under this impossibly exquisite sky, I had the opportunity to thank several of the people who helped me, in one way or another, get through the thick of it.
I will never forget that night. Or that sky.
Because it’s no small thing, having a book come out into the world.

sunday in the park


May 24, 2012

Riverside Park

[photo by: Elizabeth Flock]

I took this photo in May, when the trees were heavy with blossom and summer was stretched out in front of me like a feast. I was stuck on a particular passage and needed to clear my head so I grabbed my camera and headed to the river. I had no way of knowing that I’d be seduced by the warm twilight, never to return to that original piece of writing.

don’t fence me in

July 28, 2012

Mount Desert Island, Maine

[photo by: Elizabeth Flock]

I love country fences. Especially when they’re slightly ajar. There’s something timeless and inviting about them and I almost never miss the chance to photograph the ones I really love. Like this one, for instance. It’s on Mount Desert Island in Maine, where I write a good portion of my books.

up on the porch


April 2011

Colorado Springs, Colorado

[photo by: Elizabeth Flock]


This is the type of front porch that inspired Me & Emma. It’s not the house I ultimately put the Parkers in but it’s the kind of place that got the ball rolling. It sparked my imagination.




leo & rocky


Spring 2012

West 22nd Street at 10th Avenue

New York City

[photo by: Elizabeth Flock]

This is Leo and his dog, Rocky. I don’t know how I’ll use them but Leo and Rocky will someday worm their way into one of my stories, I’m sure of it.